National Life Stories
National Life Stories (formerly National Life Story Collection (NLSC)) was established in 1987 to 'record first-hand experiences of as wide a cross-section of present-day society as possible'. As an independent charitable trust within the Oral History Section of the British Library Sound Archive, NLS's key focus and expertise has been oral history fieldwork. Lydia O'Ryan of National Life Stories has conducted a series of five interviews for the Richard Negri project, the complete recordings of which are now catalogued and available at the British Library:

Bernard Cribbins - F18520
Frank Dunlop - C1173/20/01 and C1173/20/02
George Hall - F17952
Ronald Harwood - F17609 and F17610
Richard Pilbrow - F18172 and F18173

Selected audio clips from these recordings can be found on this site here

The Royal Exchange Theatre Company website

Wimbledon College of Art website

The Society of British Theatre Designers website

The SIBMAS-IFTR online bulletin
An excellent source of information about conferences, symposia, exhibitions, publications, scholarships and other important events in the Performing Arts.

(Organisation Internationale de Scénografes, Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre)
The international body which links designers, technicians and theatre architects in its member countries.

University of Bristol's Theatre Collection - this collection contains designs from several designers including Alan Tagg, a contemporary of Negri's and John Elvery who trained at Wimbledon School of Art.

Theatre Designers/Scenographers

Websites focusing on scenographers are few and far between. A list of links to the work of designers who were active and influential in the latter half of the 20th century is being developed below.
Further suggestions welcome.

Barry Kay - Set and costume designs for ballet, drama, opera and film. Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1932. Studied music in Switzerland and art at the Académie Julian in Paris. Resident in London from 1956 where he died in 1985.

Richard Negri's students:

Martin Morley (theatre/TV designer and student: 1964-1966)

James Acheson (costume designer/producer/actor for film. Student: 1965 - 1968)

Martin Johns (theatre designer, student: 1965 - 1968)

John Butler (woodcarver, arts centre director, student:1966 - 1969)

Sampson Lloyd (photographer, student:1966 - 1969)

Cameron Porteous (theatre, film and TV designer, student: 1966 - 1969)

Julia Fogg (landscape architect, student:1967 - 1970)

Roger Glossop (theatre designer, student: 1967 - 1970)

Ralph Oswick (Founder of the Natural Theatre Company, student: 1967 - 1970)

David Burrows (webmaster, student (1967 - 1970) and colleague (1983 - 1989)

Charlotte Holdich (costume design for theatre, film and TV, student: 1969 - 1972)

Sarah Greenwood (production design for film and TV, student: 1979 - 1983)

Francis O'Connor (theatre designer, student: 1982 - 1985)

Mark Tildesley (film production designer, student: 1982 - 1985)

Sean Crowley (theatre designer, lecturer, student: 1983 - 1985)

Simon Higlett (theatre designer, student: 1983 - 1986)

Richard Sharples (designer, student: 1983 - 1986)

Liz Ascroft (theatre designer, student 1983 - 1986)

Paul Farnsworth (theatre designer, student: 1984 - 1987)

Craig Morrison (fashion accessories design, student: 1985 - 1988)

Former students of Richard Negri who have their own website, or an Internet presence of some kind, are welcome to be linked from this page - please contact the webmaster with your URL if you would like to be included.

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