'Peer Gynt' by Henrik Ibsen 1962/63

At London's Old Vic in 1962


Peer Gynt - Leo McKern
with the Old Vic Company including: Catherine Lacey, Trevor Peacock, Dilys Hamlett, Fulton McKay, Adrienne Corrie, Esmond Knight, Russell Hunter, James Maxwell, Jefry Wickham, Eric Thompson, Vernon Dobtcheff and Wilfrid Lawson.

Directed by Michael Elliott
Lighting by Richard Pilbrow
Music by George Hall
Sound Effects by David Collison
Movement by Litz Pisk

Scanned from the production's programme, these costume drawings attest to Negri's sense of humour
and his great affection for the play which he designed again for the production
at Manchester University's Theatre, with Tom Courtenay as Peer, in 1971.

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